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|| Excursions in Odessa || Excursions in Istanbul ||

Price per person varies depending on the number of people in a group:

  • Up to 3 persons: 640 UAH/ on group (car)
  • Up to 10 persons: 740 UAH/ on group (minibus)
  • Up to 40 persons: 780 UAH/ on group (bus)
    The price includes: transfer and guide services.

    City Overview

    Odessa is a resort-city. The largest port on Black Sea. The city where genius Pushkin had lived. During this excursion you will see memorable sights, go by ancient streets, and visit the main resorts of Odessa. You will learn how the city got its name, who built it and who the founders were.
    Excursion by foot and by bus. Duration - 2.5 hours.

    Mystery of Odessa Catacombs

    One of the features of the city - catacombs. They have always been taking an important part in history of Odessa. You will visit a unique museum which is located 20 m deep under the ground. You will find out who lived in catacombs during all time of their existence.
    Excursion by bus. Duration - 2.5 hours.

    Literary Odessa

    On this excursion you will see places where Anna Ahmatova and Valentine Kataev were born. Where Bunin, Kuprin and Paustovskiy had lived. Where pages of novels "12 chairs" and "Golden calf" were born. In the port we will show you a unique Platonov pier where at the different times M. Gorky, A. Green, I. Ilf, M. Zhvanetskiy, R. Kartsev have worked.
    Excursion by bus. Duration - 2.5 hours.

    Odessa Temples

    On this excursion you will learn the past of Russian Orthodox Church and how it had started. You will visit the holy places of this region including Cathedral Dome, Saint Uspenskiy monastery etc.
    Excursion by foot and by bus. Duration - 2.5 hours.

    Criminal Odessa

    On this excursion you'll find out about mysteries and legends involving first smugglers and gangsters of the city. From the first days of its foundation Odessa had been accepting all kinds of shady people because of its need of manpower for town-planning and construction works. So in the guise of such "builders" and "workers" thieves like Emmanuel Bernanstelli, Mishka Yaponchik, Sonya "Golden Hand" and others come and lived here. We will tell you how city authorities tried to fight a crime.
    Excursion by bus. Duration - 2.5 hours.




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